(30/30) Year Twenty-Nine: HIGHER LEARNING

The most important

lesson learned in college;

question everything.

© 2017 abruvanamedsly


(29/30) Year Twenty-Eight: REMEMBERING LOVE

My parents taught me about
blissful commitment;
the way they embraced happiness
and shared it with the world
was infectious.

Their energy made me feel safe;

I lived in their sanctuary
and vowed if I ever found
someone to spend my life with,
I would mimic the lessons they
imparted in every way.

Remembering their love
helped me from becoming
jaded when those around me
abused what I had to offer.

© 2017 abruvanamedsly

(28/30) Year Twenty-Seven: ROAD RAGE

I couldn’t stay calm while driving to work,
congested roadways made me tense;
especially when I was cut off by a jerk,
whose actions caused teeth to clench.

Retaliation would fill my head,
thoughts on the day’s chores done,
the focus was to see that motorist dead.
Road rage sprung, so I reached for a gun,

was today the day I make the news?
Shots fired, we’re live on the scene;
an idiot magnified Monday morning blues,
destroying a disposition that was serene.

To expel this insanity from my brain,
I started to commute by train.

© 2012, 2017 abruvanamedsly


(27/30) Year Twenty-Six: ROAD TRIPS

I’d rent a van and pack it tight,
taking my nieces to visit down south,
we’d usually leave after midnight,
so I wouldn’t have to hear no mouth.

They were angels while sleeping,
making trips run fairly smooth,
but my ears would start weeping
once their lips began to move.

Are we there yet? This trip is long…
we’re hungry, thirsty and gotta pee.
Turn the radio up, that’s our song.
Look!!! A McDonald’s on route three!!!

They’d be in the back crying the blues,
Uncle Junebug why’d you turn to the news??!!!

© 2017 abruvanamedsly


(26/30) Year Twenty-Five: REJOICE

To make it to twenty-five – a milestone indeed,
especially in environments were not many succeed,
except at self-inflicted genocide,
random gunshots becoming so normalized,
King Herod’s curse attempting to wipe us out;

I made it to twenty five.

A quarter of a century down, how many years to go?
With the specter of ostracization, I don’t know.
Hope I can evolve, reproduce, and become aware,

that until I love myself, no one else will care;
I stand in a quiet place to hear myself shout;

I made it to twenty-five.

© 2011, 2017 abruvanamedsly

(25/30) Year Twenty-Four: NEW YEAR'S EVE

Times Square, New York City;

seeing the ball drop in person

isn’t as warm as watching

it from home.

© 2017 abruvanamedsly


(24/30) Year Twenty-Three: CHASING A DREAM

3AM voices inside my head would scream,
their echo dancing with the ceiling;
never stop trying to chase a dream.

Purpose eluding me it would seem,
passion still an uncharted feeling;
3AM voices inside my head would scream.

Life: film noir with no planned scene;
sanity, everyday existence was stealing;
never stop trying to chase a dream.

To be what I wanted? almost obscene.
The thought had heart and mind reeling;
3AM voices inside my head would scream.

Prayer and patience this wander's theme,
nightly to god I stayed keeling;
never stop trying to chase a dream.

Doing what I love now part of my genes,
no longer with complacency was I dealing;
3AM voices inside my head would scream,
never stop trying to chase a dream.

© 2017 abruvanamedsly


(23/30) Year Twenty-Two: PHILADELPHIA

The city of Brotherly Love
had me at what up ock?

Yung boys, yung jawns and
ol’ heads all hugging the block.

Chinese Carry outs,
after hour spots,
check cashing, gun flashing,
blunt guts spilling
out on piss stained concrete

Cheese Steaks and grape crush,
trying to duck that
52nd street bum rush;

Fox Valley or Piccadilly
before I go home to rest;

tightly packed row house 
streets stayed putting
driving skills to the test in

© 2017 abruvanamedsly