...this is my first official posting here at the new digs. 

I christened this space Cracks In The Obsidian because when this volcanic glass is fractured or broken, the pieces that come from it can be fashioned into a blade sharper than steel (a perfect metaphor for my splintered thoughts when I put them to use). Plus, I thought it was a jive like cool sounding name. 

With my first blog, I strictly posted poetry and did so sporadically. Not because I didn't have the time to write, I didn't make the time. I claimed writing was my passion, yet I let it wane. Was it boredom? Was it life getting in the way? Was it writer's block?


It was my lack of motivation and dedication to writing that caused my lull. There is a quote by Émile Zola which states The artist is nothing without the gift but the gift is nothing without work.  

Truer words were never written. 

Malcolm Gladwell knows the deal as well...he's the guy that wrote Outliers: The Story Of Success, a book that examines what makes high achievers and successful folk different from everyone else.  

Wanna know the secret he found

That there is no secret.

Hard work, determination and PRACTICE...lots of PRACTICE was the common theme running through most of their stories and in a nutshell that's what I want this blog to be about...the practice of writing. Not when the moment hits me or when I feel inspired

Sylvia Plath knew everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it.

Hopefully with my new found intestinal fortitude, I'll have the courage to leave my comfortable assgroove of existence and get to the business of writing.

We shall see...ONE::


  1. Nice set-up...Yea finding that time to write...I started thinking about it like this - It's a nine to five and If I don't work I don't get this case "paid" would be the receiving of experience. The more I write the more experience I get. Thing is I have taken a lot of sick days...

  2. I hear ya...writing is indeed work, but for me it has finally become work I love. :-)

  3. I feel you on the love...just need to find more time...when I do get to write I'll be wanting to do it for hours.