Be Easy (9/30)

The prompt for day nine over at NaPoWriMo was to write a poem or post inspired by noir. The inspiration for this piece came by way of one of my favorite movies, Devil in a Blue Dress.

It always begins with a dame
and a secret that stretches from
back alleys to rolling hills.

Where rich folk will pay
to make their problems
quietly go away
and since sawbucks in large numbers
do talk,
I'm stuck
between God
and monsters.

Protective of doe eyes
and gams that won't

ducking flatfoots,
hot lead and hoping
the right mark or palooka
will sing for two bits
or salvation.

A wise head would know how to stay
from behind the eight ball
and avoid being fitted for a
Chicago overcoat but sometimes

* you walk out your door in the morning and you're already in trouble. It's just how you're mixed up in that trouble that counts.

© 2013 abruvanamedsly

*quote by the character DeWitt Albright.

Easy Rawlins

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  1. I love this. A read this like a pause of thought before heading out into the pouring rain. I adore that movie a well :)