The Bullet

Over at dVerse, the prompt was to write a poem employing the use of anaphora. Anaphora is a word or phrase used in repetition at the beginning of successive clauses tending to build towards a climax which usually has a strong emotional effect...this is what I came up with:

the bullet is anger's ally

the bullet eviscerates equanimity

the bullet tears through bravery and bones

the bullet causes the ground to turn crimson

the bullet rapes innocence

the bullet massacres sense of community

the bullet conducts a concerto of horror in its aftermath

because in the end,

choosing to use

the bullet is like

adhering to an equation

with no solution.

© 2013 abruvanamedsly



  1. Poignantly written. I like how you used this poetic tool.

  2. anger's alley and conducts a concerto of true..and an equation with no solution for sure.. think the anaphora was the perfect tool for this...

  3. Ha..our minds are in sync with execution this week. Everything you said of course is correct and to be absolutely blunt I truly do not think I could live in a gun culture.It permeates negatively on all aspects of life as your poem suggests and I would think it even unconsciously effects the pysche of your nation.Concerto of horror..good phrase!

  4. the bullet is the instrument of has no power on its own, only in concert with our anger...and our choice...will it do anything...

    1. Ayo B I'm glad you stopped by...when I posted this, it felt like something was missing...when I read the bullet is the instrument of anger I knew what it was...good looking out.

  5. That line about the instrument of anger struck me. It all comes down to the choices we make. As I see it, things are neutral and we have such power to use them in negative or positive way. Good use of anaphora. Sorry I was late reading this. Forgot to check in this morning!

  6. True. The bullet is a scary thing, especially in the hands of an irresponsible and/or a bad person.