Mocha Pages

Her body becomes
a romance novel;
my lips turning 
skin to braille.

Her silhouette: 
a cover alluring 
and hypnotic.
Her spine, rigid but 
lenient; face, the 
lovers introduction;
lips reveal their 
first eye contact.

They meet around
the suppleness of 
breast and rolling 
hills of her heart beat.
Plans for a rendezvous
are birthed at the 
solar plexus; a first kiss 
is initiated in the
manicured thickets 
of her secret garden.

They undress at 
the small of her back 
and embrace amidst the 
roundness of her
backside and hips;
foreplay ensues near 
the throbbing caverns 
of her forever;
his slow entrance 
into her comes to life 
while massaging the petals
of her lotus flower.

The rhythm of their 
union and ceaseless 
euphoria rest in thighs, 
calves, feet and toes; 
their climax written
of the sweetness of her

Pages this insatiable 
demand to be re-read.

© 2014 abruvanamedsly




Dead Letter

Over at dVerse, the prompt was to write a poem that is influenced by a certain time in your life that made you the poet you are today...

I never knew how
brightly blood could
shine until I saw it
leaking from your head
under the moonlight.

As it flowed onto the
coldness of the sidewalk,
I knew nothing in this life
would ever be the same again;

no more naiveté,

undisturbed sleep



The only things
to survive that night
were a giant lump 
of fear in my throat 
and tears burdened with 
so much anger and sadness, 
they didn't find their 
way to freedom till years 
later when I sat down to 


you a letter.

© 2014 abruvanamedsly



Unseen Warrior (A Villanelle)

The prompt over at dVerse was to write about invisibility...I chose to loosely write about a character from a favorite film of mine and twist it up a bit...

Ignorance is bliss, courage a burden
civil disobedience an invisible ally
similar to Tyler Durden.

Anarchy calls, the answer uncertain,
brain cells telling true lies;
ignorance is bliss, courage a burden.

The sun breaks in, he closes the curtain
his life a dilapidated pigsty 
similar to Tyler Durden.

Armchair revolutionary that's for certain,
hoarding Cheeto grenades and bean pies;
ignorance is bliss, courage a burden.

Exodus to Zion his mind stays rehearsing,
death an adversary sneaky and spry;
similar to Tyler Durden.

The pain of an unlived life to worsen
project mayhem's grandeur dies;
ignorance is bliss, courage a burden,
similar to Tyler Durden.

© 2014 abruvanamedsly

Tyler Stencil