Overstayed Welcome (18/30)

The prompt for day 18 over at NaPoWriMo was to write a ruba'i, which is a Persian form of poetry with a rhyme scheme of AABA. When multiple stanzas are used the ruba'i transforms into a rubaiyat. I attempted the latter...

winter overstayed its welcome this year,
spring held hostage, many shed a tear,
days of warmth, a running joke
when will the vernal equinox reappear?

frost on grass; ice covering the street,
teeth chattering in gnawing disbelief,
to the Bahamas folks want to go;
sun, please bring us some needed relief

will July bring fireworks or summer snow?
the way things are going, I don't really know
might get a blizzard instead of a heat wave
beach dreams wading in twenty below

hesitant to pack away winter clothes,
can't wear shoes that show any toes,
shorts waiting to make an annual debut;
cold weather becomes a hated foe.

© 2014 abruvanamedsly


  1. I so feel this line...I was walking past a store a few days ago looking longingly at the bathing suits...sigh

    beach dreams wading in twenty below

  2. Very nice piece...
    Well the summer came and made it's self known, its like 80 here in Chi and it's past midnight smh but I still don't miss the winter...yet.