Dear Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

You will become an adult
long before comprehending
what it means to be a child;
don't let this scare you;
it will give you strength
others will envy.

You will live in places
where empty shell casings
litter the ground like 
discarded sunflower seed hulls;
just remember how 
to breathe between
the sound of firing bullets.

You will witness countless
police tape sunsets,
don't let blood shimmering
on the concrete reflect your future.

You will suffer heartache
that never leaves;
learn how to circumnavigate
its evolving.

It's going to be okay to cry
even when no one is watching;
tears will water your resolve.

Don't forget how to lie in
the grass, stretch out your arms
and place your fingers in soil;
for this is how you will feel the
heartbeats of your ancestors.

Look up at the night sky often,
for watching moonlight fold
into an origami sunrise
will help your imagination grow.

Women will try to seduce
your mind, body and spirit;
learn how to kiss fire
while hugging an inferno.

You will tightrope walk
through a world
that wants to see you fall;
make it mad that you have balance.

Most of all have the
courage to fail;
it will remind you success 
is the only option.

© 2014 abruvanamedsly