#Randomness (17/30)

The prompt for day seventeen over at NaPoWriMo was to take elements from your social media life and make a poem out of them…I chose to take some of my old facebook status updates and add hashtags to them…

The time will come when you let go of all fear, doubt and uncertainty concerning your life's true passion; it will either be the most liberating day of your existence or you'll be too dead to give a shyt

Ink is my life's blood; I bleed on pages nightly. In the daytime, I become anemic.

I am a stranger in a strange land searching for a normalcy that doesn't exist; 3am chronicles my exploits and holds all my secrets.

It sometimes aches remembering the way her body wrapped around mine; mostly at 4am when the ghost of us haunts cold bed sheets…

Is there a rest home for unwritten words and thoughts that didn't have the courage to become poems? If such a place exist, I need to make a sojourn to it and reminisce with the lines and stanzas that almost made it

When the greatness in you makes its debut, it will shock everyone...even yourself

We crawled into each others lives and learned how to walk together under the sun; unfortunately you couldn't help me fly...I had to learn how after you pushed me off a cliff

We danced on the edge of frigidness searching for warmth that never came; permanent icicles daydreaming about an invisible summer.

The one thing about life that is certain...nobody makes it outta here alive

© 2015 abruvanamedsly


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  1. Invisible blewings is my favourite. They are all very witty. Well done !