Discussion About Polygamy (14/30)

The prompt for day fourteen over at NaPoWriMo was to write a poem that takes the form of a dialogue...

Ayo baby in

Afrika men are allowed

to have more than one

wife, would you allow me

to bring another

woman into our life?

She said...

go find Umfufu

if you want mister,

but if you bring another

woman into this house

I will be pulling the trigger;

you must have fell

and bumped your head,

the only way you'll have

another wife in this life

is when my ass is good and dead.

But think of all those

righteous women

without a good man?

Wouldn’t having

a sister wife be grand?

You know polygamy

is in Allah's plans…

…see this is what happens

when you stay up late

watching Shaka Zulu;

alright Mr. I Want Another Wife

No Maybe TWO

let me go find another

man to bring into this

house, then we'll see if you like

having to share a spouse...

Aiiiiiiiight cut that s@#t out

because it ain't funny...

Oh but me sharing you

is in Allah's plans???!!

You need to shut the hell up

A.S.A.P. before your head

starts to share the bottom

of this frying pan.

© 2015 abruvanamedsly