(30/30) Meet Me in the Cellar

I skipped the last prompt from NaPoWriMo and posted this poem from another writing group I belong to.

You’ve been gone
for so many years,
I struggle to remember
how your voice held me.

Even when you yelled,
I could hear love;

it kept the monsters away

it encouraged me to do my homework

it told me to take out the trash.

One day while at a cousin’s house,
I heard a soft tone
meet me in the cellar.

I went

it was you
speaking over white noise
covered in dark.


© 2018 Abruvanamedsly



(29/30) Disappearance

The prompt for day twenty-nine over at NaPoWriMo: write a poem based on the Sylvia Plath Poetry Project’s calendar, (I chose her poem 
An Appearance) then write a poem that responds or engages with the chosen poem in some way. 

The poem I wrote might not engage or respond to the one I chose, but it definitely uses style elements from it.

The cackling of this blazing cross crumbles me;
symbol of divinity glowing like the devil
bones whispering about brimstone.

From melted lips nouns and adverbs
leak like punctured lungs,
it was Tuesday in my mind: escape.

Ironed and freshly whipped,
torn flesh begs for maggots;
wounds scented with defeat.

I wear death and its darkness
nestled in an unmarked grave,
the ground speaking in noose riddles.

An empire of persecuted blood flows
under abandoned cotton fields;
my body will bathe in it like rain.

O child who hungered for freedom
the north star was a beautiful lie
shining like a slaver’s lantern. 

© 2018 Abruvanamedsly


(28/30) Reverence

The prompt for day twenty-eight over at NaPoWriMo: draft a prose poem in the form/style of a postcard.



(27/30) Speaking with Sunrays

The prompt for day twenty-seven at NaPoWriMo: pick a tarot card then write a poem inspired either by the card or the images and ideas associated with it.

Every morning,

I take time to speak with the sun.

We talk about the shadow times

and hiding from brilliance;

how struggle will eat you alive

if you don’t learn how

to starve it.

The child in me knew;

that’s why I kept

him alive.


© 2018 Abruvanamedsly