(25/30) Grumpiness

The Prompt for day 25: create a poem based on a prompt developed by poet & teacher Hoa Nguyen

I fell asleep again with the laptop on my legs
the low heat of its battery
warming and waking skin;
the screen displays incoherent
ramblings in Times New Roman;
temporal travel done in secret,
weaponized 5G bats starting a new pandemic,
neo Hitler ramblings finding an audience.

My eyes try and focus
they are stuck on a shadow
crawling across a yellow ceiling
the vibrating of my phone
refocuses my attention
to the day
the hour
the minute.
I read a text message alert
it tells me to get my punk ass up
I refuse the command.
My stomach yells for pancakes and eggs
my energy level settles for a bowl of CoCoa Puffs.
I’m trying to decide what I like most,
the taste of these bites or watching
the milk become chocolate. 

While reading the back of the cereal box,
I contemplate the future;
the vision is crimson red with splashes of Nutella.
I wonder if I put out
a do not disturb sign on my window sill,
will these loud ass birds read it
and shut the hell up.
Why is the sunrise so loud?
Getting older is really ghetto
I’m over having to pee all the damn time
and maintaining a 700 or above credit score.
My co-workers are so eager
for things to get back to normal,
but they seem to have taken to
temperature checks and wearing PPE
like it was second nature;
this is not the normal I envision.
Words from Noam Chomsky’s
Manufacturing Consent flood my head,
thoughts swim in that ocean.
I check out the NaPoWriMo 

prompt for the day,
A thirty-four-minute poem????
Fuck that.
See the way my attention span is set up
I’m just playing,
I listen and read anyway.
James Schuyler’s voice is putting me in a trance,
I learn something new today;
I start my poem with
I fell asleep again with the laptop on my legs…

© 2020 Abruvanamedsly