(26/30) South East DC

The Prompt for day 26: create a poem based on the Almanac Questionnaire writing exercise.

Almanac Questionnaire

Weather: overcast and breezy
Flora: false indigo
Architecture: post modern
Customs: courting and marriage
Mammals/reptiles/fish: Eastern Gray Squirrels/catfish
Childhood dream: to be an astronaut
Found on the Street: broken flip phone
Export: Hip-Hop
Graffiti: Cool Disco Dan
Lover: 3AM
Conspiracy: cashless society, microchip vaccinations
Dress: t-shirt and sweats
Hometown memory: Go-go Live at the Capital Center
Notable person: Petey Greene
Outside your window you find: chirping birds
Today’s news headline: 1-eyed squirrel with Instagram account is returned to nature
Scrap from a letter: te quiero mucho
Animal from a myth: Minotaur
Story read to children at night: llama llama red pajama
You walk three minutes down an alley and you find: broken windshield glass
You walk to the border and hear: sirens
What you fear: stray bullets
Picture on your city’s postcard: Ben’s Chili Bowl


(26/30) South East DC 

Overcast and breezy wrestles with false indigo
invading the feet of postmodern structures.

Eastern Gray Squirrels catfish red maple trees,
their tiny legs exploring the space in between

decaying bark like curious astronauts.
Colorful foliage starts courting then

decides on marriage to the wind.
A broken flip phone beat-boxes asphalt

as Hip-Hop music from a passing car’s
speakers causes it to jump.

I glance up at a Cool Disco Dan tag adorning a broken lamp post; it sparks memories

of a graffiti mural being spotlighted at 3AM.
Cashless society echoes and whispers

of microchip vaccinations dominate the
Twitter feed on my phone.

I think I made a mistake coming
outside in just a t-shirt and sweats;

Go-go Live at the Capital Center blares through
my headphones; I wander my neighborhood with

chest out like Petey Greene on a Sunday morning.
Chirping birds sing songs of the 1-eyed squirrel

with an Instagram account who is returned to nature; zephyrs do background vocals.

I continue surveying my surroundings
mouthing te quiero mucho to the sky;

a leashed pitbull strolls past me;
its stature is akin to a four-legged Minotaur 

I llama llama red pajama myself pass its menacing gaze; broken windshield glass eats glints of sunlight.

Distant police sirens wail like a mass choir,
stray bullets have made another ghost;

damn, I want a half-smoke from Ben’s Chili Bowl.

© 2020 Abruvanamedsly