(A·bruva·named·Sly) is a poet and blogger from Washington, D.C. who began his writing career under the name (Da·sun·toucha). He is a Temple University alumnus with a sense of humor and purpose, who has an affinity for letting words become the sound that give voice to his dreams. He has been an active member of the following on-line communities: The Underground Poet's Society, Black Poetry Café and The Nomadic Poets Oasis, where in 2008, he was voted Poet of the Year.

His published work can be found in these collections: Embracing Candace: Anthology One (Candalyse Publishing, 2007), Aries: A Journal of Creative Expression (Issue 23, 2008) and Black Poetry Café (BPC) Anthology: Vol.II (BPC Publishing, 2010).

Currently, he is a member of the DC Poetry Project, Inc., a writing and spoken word collective committed to raising awareness about cultural, economic, educational, health and social issues existing locally and abroad. He blogs from Cracks In The Obsidian and Modernity's Muse.